Become a Developer on Twickd in less than 5 minutes!

Published by Hugo
Nov 20th, 2019 - 10:33AM

Easy is the best word we found to describe our Developer application process. It's so easy in fact, that many people did not believe us when we said that it could be done in less than five minutes and that you could have your first package available for purchase or download in less than an hour even with a newly created account!

At Twickd we want our Developers to focus on their work rather than useless forms to fill or having to wait several days for their packages and updates to be available for their users.

And so it begins...

We know you are already hyped up because you know that at the end of this article you will be able to publish all your tweaks, themes, utilities, ... to our Repository effortlessly!

But, before you even think of being the most successful developer out there with tons of packages download, you need an account on Twickd. If you do not already have one, simply create one and verify your email.

Once that's done, you can move on to the next step which is registering yourself as a developer. This process has been made as smooth as possible because no one has time nowadays to fill in long applications with resume, education level, previous experience and a motivation letter full of GaryVee's quotes. To apply just visit our Developer Program page. You will be greeted with some of the benefits there is to become a Twickd Developer and a list of requirements to become one:

  • You must have a verified email address → We did that in the prior step
  • Not being blacklisted → This one is pretty much self explanatory
  • Have at least 1 or more device(s) linked → If you don't already have a device linked to your account, go to your Account and click the Add button near the Devices section.

If you meet all these requirements you can submit your application by clicking "Join the Developer Program". You will either be redirected to this same page if something went wrong with an explanation of the error and a solution to fix it, or to your brand new Twickd Developer Dashboard

Congratulations, you are now a Developer on Twickd ?

Going further, Twickd Developer Plus Program

Now that you are a developer you can submit your packages to moderation so our team can inspect them to ensure that they fit in our Terms and Privacy Policy. This process usually takes less than 24 hours on weekdays. An email will be sent to you after our moderation team reviewed your package to let you know whether or not they are accepted.

But, you might see that if you want to submit paid packages you must be part of the Developer Plus Program.

Nothing easier! Go to your Developer Dashboard Settings and onboard to the Developer Plus Program. Make sure to fill your PayPal with the proper email in order for us to pay you. This can always be changed in your Developer Dashboard

If everything goes as planed, you are now able submit paid and free packages to Twickd and let your users have the best experience they will ever have when purchasing and downloading your packages!

You are now part of the future.