Changelog 0.5.66

Published by Hugo
Oct 8th, 2019 - 03:42PM

Twickd version 0.5.66 introduce two major new features, a lot of improvements and a ton of bug fixes.

New Features

  • Developer Crew

    Working with other developers is one of the most enlightening experiences, we can share our tips and tricks, our opinions and most importantly our solutions to some of the most advanced problems. Here at Twickd, we want to encourage developers to work together and break the barriers. Learn more

  • Interactive Commission

    Here at Twickd we value our Developers time and effort over our own personal profit. This is why we introduce Twickd Interactive Commission system, it's our way to motivate you to always go beyond your limits. Learn more



  • We improved the way your revenues are calculated. Now even if you discounted your package for a short/extended period of time, this price variation will be taken into consideration on your Dashboard. Learn more
  • Featured Packages will now be selected every week by our moderation team based on various factors. All paid Packages are, by default, eligible to be featured.


  • Package cards on the repository are now less cluttered and feature more informations.
  • You can now see the compatibility of a package directly from the Repository index
  • Navigation bar component has been redesigned and now show your username on the top right corner
  • If you feel like a package is inappropriate or does not respect our policies, you can now report said packages and let us know


  • Fixed an issue where packages not approved by moderation could be visible on the trending page
  • Fixed an issue where members of the Twickd Developer Program were not able to upload free packages unless they enroll in the Twickd Developer Plus Program
  • Fixed an issue where a failed enrollment to the Twickd Developer Program did not output any errors.
  • Fixed an issue where order confirmation emails were not send to the seller every time an order was completed

If you have any question regarding this changelog, feel free to Contact us Thank you for using Twickd


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