The future of Twickd

Published by Hugo
Jun 9th, 2020 - 09:22AM

Over the past five months, Twickd’s growth has been exponential. We have largely exceeded our expectations since the beginning of 2020. First, the million downloads milestone and then shortly after, another big milestone: 10 million downloads.

With great powers come great responsibilities and that is why, in March, I made the decision to rebuild Twickd from the ground up. The reasoning behind such decision is that the current system is longer suited to the scale of Twickd. When it was first imagined and created, back in July 2019, it was totally unpredictable to serve more than tens or even hundreds of thousands of packages per day in such a short time. To be completely honest, this level of expectations was hoped by 2021, which left plenty of time to gradually evolve the current system into what will become Twickd “v2”.

After many hours of thinking and several prototypes, the development of Twickd “v2” started in April 2020. The main goal being to make the system much more modular and scalable and to implement some of the feedback that we received with the current version.

The important thing today is not to know what Twickd “v2” will consist of, but knowing that it is in development and that the release is expected soon! As you also probably know, I am currently alone in charge of package validation, handling complex technical problems, fixing bugs, developing Twickd “v2”, …

Fortunately, the team is doing a remarkable job on our Discord server to answer your questions in no time! Thanks to them I can therefore dedicate more time to the development of Twickd and I once again want to thank them for that! But even with that, I am still forced to slow down on other aspects of Twickd’s lifecycle and in particular on package validation. I am trying my best to validate packages from developers in less than 24 hours, but unfortunately it may take up to a week.

I agree, this is not an ideal situation and I wanted to apologise publicly for that.

I can assure you that we put all of our efforts into the development of Twickd “v2” and fixing your issues to remedy this situation as quick as possible!

Thank you for trusting and using Twickd!

For more informations on Twickd and the progress of Twickd “v2”, you can join us on our Discord server or on Twitter