Twickd Developer Crew

Published by Hugo
Oct 8th, 2019 - 04:03PM

Introducing Twickd Developer Crew

Working with other developers is one of the most enlightening experiences, we can share our tips and tricks, our opinions and most importantly our solutions to some of the most advanced problems.

Here at Twickd, we want to encourage developers to work together and break the barriers, therefore we found a solution to one problem that collaborative works still had in 2019 which is getting everyone their fair share for the work accomplished!

Twickd Developer Crew is our answer to simplify collaborative work between developers.

Easier and faster

The era where you had to send manually a certain amount of money to your colleagues is now over. With Twickd Developers Crew, our services handles that for you, so everyone get their fair share for the work they have done, and it is all automated! Plus you get to name your crew with a cool name (That's always a plus).

Get paid without efforts

Twickd Developers Crew Payouts works exactly like regular payouts, they appear on your Pending Payouts tab in your Dashboard and are executed automatically every week on Friday.

Same as regular purchases of single developer package, you and your crew have to handle all the refund requests and support by yourself.


To create a Developer Crew you need to meet these requirements:

  • Have a valid and verified email address
  • Have at least one device linked to your account
  • Being registered has a Twickd Developer for at least a week.

If you meet all those requirements you will be eligible to create a Twickd Developer Crew.

To invite a Developer to your crew, you simply need to have its email address! To protect Developers from being spammed, you can only invite Developers that also meet the requirements above.

You can only create/be a member of 5 crews maximum. Only 5 members maximum per crew. Keep in mind, if the price of your Package is too low and you have too many crew members, you might experience an empty payout. Please read our Developer Policy for details

If you have any question regarding this new feature, feel free to Contact us. Thank you for using Twickd


🏠 #StayHome with Twickd!